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Thank you for checking out my work!

This website is an intersection of all the varied work I do across commercial, music, art and performance photography.

Through the LINKS Menu you’ll find a way to head off to the Family Portrait and Branded Content business I co-founded with my fiancé at URBAN WONDER CREATIONS


You might prefer to step into the sultry world of my Glamour work at LOST FANTASY (website coming soon.)


You may take the option to slide off into the inspiring Social Justice project that I co-founded with my best friend and have been building slowly since 2013 at THE EQUAL PROJECT

Sometimes I wish I could just love doing ONE particular thing! It’s always been a huge personal struggle for me to find a balanced way of representing a cross-section of my work and passions but; it looks like I’ve finally pulled it off!

Regardless of where you end up, my work is bold and vibrant with a dynamic style and quality. Reflecting on this, I don't remember ever consciously pursuing a particular style, but I do know that every part of my photographic process is geared towards producing images that evoke the same feeling I had at The Decisive Moment of capture.

First and foremost, I make Portraits. Regardless of client, project or creative brief - each person I ever have or ever will photograph is, at that very moment, a sum total of their entire life experience. And I believe that my job is to distil all of that lived experience into ONE frame that resonates forever.

This truth hits me in the face every time I pick up my camera and because of it I feel a deep responsibility to create honest and meaningful work that represents the core of who I am photographing. To do this I strive to create an experience for the people I work with that ensures connection and trust in a space that they can truly express themselves. 

Selected Clients

  • RCA Records

  • Sony Music Australia

  • Warner Music Australia

  • Lemon Tree Music

  • Flagrant Artist Management

  • Golden Era Records

  • Virgin Velocity

  • Map & Page

  • The Precinct

  • Eardrum


  • Wayward Brewing Company


The Lab - Reflect
w/ Canon Australia

Canon Australia invited me to take part in this confronting, harrowing and absolutely inspiring experience.
Check out the full story here.

Origin Story

Much like superheroes, every photographer has an origin story. Usually, they have an experience where they discover The Decisive Moment. Then they transitions from a person who lets these moments go past into a person who frantically attempts to immortalise all of them! This is my story…

Ratmalana, Sri Lanka 1989 (I think)
My Aunty was visiting from Hong Kong and gave me the gift of an Olympus Trip point-and-shoot 35mm camera. I was 4 years old and had no idea what implications this gift would have on my life.

Mt Lawley, Western Australia 2003
I'm 18 and its my first year at Edith Cowan University, Perth. I'm there to study Journalism. To fulfil an elective requirement, my subconscious compels me to choose the Photomedia 101 unit.

Our first assignment was to go and shoot a roll of Ilford HP5 black and white film. After completing my first-ever round of "street photography" and feeling very Henri Cartier Bresson with myself, I head into the Lab to tackle developing the film roll. 

The sweet, acrid stench of developer and fixer stung my nostrils as I unfastened the roll of black and white film from the canister. It was a pretty heady mix of excitement and I was feeling pretty good about what was about to happen. But, as I peeled the film roll from the developing spool my expectations to suddenly become the next great photographic prodigy were summarily shattered into a million pieces.

Every single frame was over-exposed to white.

As I kept running my chemical infused fingers across the wet, wreaking plastic strip - I stop. Through sheer dumb luck; there was a single properly exposed frame depicting some unrecognisable brick facade in Perth.

And that was all it took. Photography had me: Hook, line and sinker.

Sydney, Australia 2018
15 years on from that fateful afternoon in the ECU Developing Lab and here I am. I feel like I have been getting away with making pictures for a living for over a decade. Its awesome! And I plan to continue doing exactly that for the rest of my life!

It's NEVER easy, but it's always worth it!