Sri Lanka, 2013…

During a pretty tumultuous period of my life I decided that I needed some distance and perspective and took off to my country of birth, Sri Lanka. I arrived in March of 2013 and after about two months of an adjustment period I found myself on an adventure around the country with my best friend Tara. Together we founded The Equal Project, through which we still have big dreams of changing the world through photography.

Our first project was to be a book entitled Faces of Triumph. The premise was so simple we found it difficult to explain it to people - let me try again here…

We believed that through a photograph we can side-step barriers such as language, ethnicity, religion, sexuality and wealth and create a platform through which people would intrinsically connect empathetically. With this steadfast belief we travelled around Sri Lanka speaking to and photographing over 300 people from all walks of life.

They were all asked the same questions regarding their values through which we hypothesised that despite superficial barriers we all value the same things and are essentially all the same and because of this we should be able to connect and care for each other empathetically.

Thankfully we proved our hypothesis in spades and also discovered probably the most important thing about people that often gets overlooked; nuance.

We returned to Australia with almost 40,000 frames and several hours of interviews and set about crafting this voluminous tome of peace and love on the subcontinent. Unfortunately, in the end; life got in the way and the project remains unfinished…

Until now.

This is the first glimpse into the work we did almost 6 years ago. Our book FACES OF TRIUMPH is nearing completion.